Soul Studio products are inspired by nature with elegant and stylish lines that offer organic tempo, simple volumes and functionality in each piece of our collection.

Our "Zeitgeist" is a simple but revolutionary idea: enable anyone to create the "total concept". Our main aim is to create a distinct personality for every item: no one-size-fit all for all architects, repetitive interiors, chefs or designers. Our driving idea is to bring the unique cosmopolitan experience to your restaurant, to your resort, to your home, to your space, inside you!


Always individual always laid-back. Created for trend-conscious dreamers, life-designers and brought to you by the Soul Studio creative team. All of our pieces are made from a blend of recycled and locally sourced clay, and 100% of clay savings are reused in production.


Inspired by a wealthy legacy established in mythology and imagery, Soul Studio rises above classical ideas of design. Influenced of the antiquated Greek Goddess of Hestia (Home), hearth and kettle, the collection is characterized by its unique style to create a perfect table setting.

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