We are a brand of designer tableware. Inspired by the elegance of natural forms and a minimalist philosophy. Our aims are simplicity, high quality and uniqueness, which are achieved by handcrafting each design.

The brand is named after the Kenai Peninsula, located on the south coast of Alaska. This is an astounding place of grandeur and natural beauty. Here you will find wooded slopes, mighty glaciers, picturesque valleys, peat bogs, lowlands and breathtaking lakes and deep fjords. This picturesque natural world inspired us to create our first collection.


The founders of the brand are brother and sister: chef, Timur Abuzyarov who is the ideological inspiration for the project, and Lolita Senkeyeva, who together with the rest of the team, bring our creative ideas to life.

All Kenai tableware is handmade from local materials: in the hands of our craftsmen any material can be turned into a true work of art.

Over the three years of Kenai's existence, we have worked with many well-known restaurants and chefs, in both Russia and abroad. We are actively working with dealers from Russia and neighboring countries: our regular customers are companies from Germany, Portugal and the United Arab Emirates. In the near future, we plan to enter the European market in the hospitality sector..

We believe that tableware is just as important in a restaurant business as choosing the right frame for a picture. When you fall in love with your business, as we have, you will understand that every detail is important when creating a culinary masterpiece.

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