ABOUT glassFORever

We are a Danish company that develops innovative solutions within plastic glassware, our main focus being functionality, product safety and the environment - reuse & recycle! Therefore our products are ideal for restaurants, cafés, bars and nightclubs. However, canteens, hotels, hospitals, institutions, schools and prisons also benefit greatly from using glassFORever’s safe and light products.

Even though plastic causes so much damage to the environment, buying products from glassFORever is a green and climate-friendly investment. We recycle 100% of our products, and we have created a recycling system that takes responsibility for the environment. After use, our products are not discarded in the rubbish bin. Instead, we collect and transport them to our factory in Denmark, where we grind the used material and use it to produce new, recyclable and eco-friendly products. No waste. 100% recycled. This makes us feel proud.

At glassFORever, we manufacture drinking glasses. But not just ordinary drinking glasses. Where ordinary glasses can break and leave broken glass shards which cause problems and are hazardous for people, our specially developed plastic glasses are 100% unbreakable, which ensures a high sense of security and safety. The material is crystal clear and produced with a thick, solid base.

One of the biggest advantages of using our products is that they do not weigh as much as ordinary glassware. A dishwasher tray filled with ordinary glasses can easily weigh 11-13 kg, while a tray with glassFORever products weighs only 4.5 kg. In other words, the glasses weigh 66% less!

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