ABOUT Casalinghi STO

Casalinghi STO, with a patrimony of over fifty years of experience, is present in all markets of the world and is recognized for its professional and highly qualified production.

The experience, advanced technology, reliability, dynamism and an extraordinary design aesthetic are the strengths of a company that has been able to evolve over the time, preserving the high quality standard.

Established in Omegna (still current operating site) back in 1953 as “T. Smorgoni “, specializing in bespoke work, by Teobaldo Smorgoni, is at the beginning a small company founded on bases artisan who manages to turn in a short time, thanks to the skill of its founder, into a viable industry with advanced and technological equipment machineries.

The manufacturing of stainless steel, favoured material of designers of around the world for the feeling of modernity, purity and incorruptibility that transmits, is the core business of Casalinghi STO.

Combining the transparency of the glass, almost entirely produced by molds of his property, the brightness of the steel, it creates a real alchemy, perfect for home tableware items or for the hotel industry.

Practicality and design, aspects that are always present in our company’s projects, support to the most diverse changes in fashions. A style that is able to satisfy an aesthetic requirement, that has no boundaries and age limits. ement of everything related to the environmental impact.

Closely linked to its origins and to the territory in which it stands, the Casalinghi STO is committed to promoting the development of the local area and has a leading role in many social initiatives in sports and beneficial.

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