Yoshinuma's work that is stylish in glass. In 1585, in Kojima-cho, Asakusa-ku, Tokyo, we founded "Yoshinuma Shoten" as a wholesaler of Western lights and pots. In 1950, "Yoshinuma Glass Co., Ltd." was established, it has become a comprehensive wholesaler dealing with various types of goldfish bowls, various vases, flower vessels, commercial tableware and various types.

And now, we are developing original products specialized for commercial tableware. With the motto of "Solidarianism boasting tradition and trust", we are focusing on the development and sale of tableware, mainly handmade products.

Yoshinuma Glass was founded in 1916. We provide original tableware products to hotels and restaurants. Our products are focused in Japanese cuisine, and they have many varieties of shapes and colors. Since launching out our products into the hotel and restaurant market, they have been trusted as the number one Japanese style glassware by many customers.

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