Our mission is to make dishes not only easy to use and ergonomic, but also to endow each piece with artistic value.

Sklarna means glass factory in the Czech language. A place where a material with unique properties and a complex character is born from sand in fire. We create designs for interior pieces and tableware to order, but we also have our own line of interior decor and tableware.

Our inspiration — nature and the world around us. Sklarna understands the fact that glass as a material has no boundaries. We are glass enthusiasts, we derive great pleasure from working with the material, and it doesn’t matter what we create — architectural forms, dishes, decorations, or lights. In our work, we try to combine the natural optical qualities of glass with functionality, we are constantly seeking the balance between design and fine art.

From this concept, our creations are born — lamp shades appear in the form of drops of water and blocks of ice, in which you can put flowers. We are constantly improving our technology, studying the possible ways of working with glass, trying to innovate not only in decor, but also in the very method of creation.

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