We could tell you the story of an umpteenth (and beautiful) encounter. But there was something really special about when Francis Gelb met Pascale. Something delicious, actually. When these two epicureans crossed paths, an idea sprouted and grew into a utensil measuring about 20 centimeters, one that the young couple took an irreverent pleasure in reinventing: cutlery.

From the moment of its launch, the brand revolutionized tableware and created impertinent collections that rang out like manifestos. No to pompous luxury and stuffy classics! Yes to cheerful, simple and elegant products. An original vision that the House invented and still upholds, on its own, today. With the flick of a knife, Sabre Paris modernized fancy dishware. No more ceremonies. Beautiful objects to hold on a daily basis, from breakfast to dinner, combining utility and delight for convivial moments with your loved ones.

How can you electrify a table? For Sabre Paris, the answer is color. For 30 years, the brand has unfurled an energetic palette over its creations. Invigorating vibes shimmer on the flatware handles, with crushed raspberry, vermilion red and blood orange. In contrast to this daring exuberance, it can also play it soft with milky tones. Always adventurous, the House explores another field of expression: that of patterns. Gingham, toile de Jouy, stripes, flowers and polka dots are printed on the nylon handles, using a technique that requires exclusive know-how.

Not all cutlery has the chance to become an icon. Yet, this is the happy destiny of Sabre Paris creations. Overflowing with creativity, these pieces have transcended the decades while kindling the same desire. Like the aptly named “Icône” line with its infinite and ever-fascinating colorways, the star “Bistrot” models reinvented in teak or camouflage print, the “Couverts imprimés” with their dreamlike drawings or the “Honorine” pieces with their neo-romantic style. While trends come and go, these timeless collections stay right where they are.

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