Every time we travel we go on a voyage of discovery, hoping to find something new and unexpected. What if we could find for ourselves a new perfect second home, with an atmosphere of comfort and unsurpassed style?

That is how we want to make your guests feel at your hotel, no matter whether they are there on a business trip or on vacation.


is to collect unique crockery and furniture, exclusively created by designers from all over the world, who have invested not only their skill, but a piece of their souls in order to create something truly special.

We offer handmade and natural materials, with artists’ drawings and patterns. Behind each item of our collection is a a unique story and we want to share that with you and your guests, allowing them to take an unforgettable memory of their stay home with them.

We are sure that having experienced the mood created by our products in their hotel room or in the hotel restaurant, your guests will want to return again and again.




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